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27.03.2014 16:26
Kategorie: LBSBR3

Vienna's English Theatre

Vienna's English Theatre presents


by Philip Dart based on Jane Austen's Emma

On Thursday the 27th of March the Vienna's English Theatre Group performed in an excellent way the play "Popular" in the Kulturhaus in Dornbirn.

All the 3rd classes of the LBS Bregenz 3 assisted with great pleasure to the show.

This play has got everything: different social backgrounds, different personalities, different talents, different aims, etc.

We enjoyed the teen-speak, idiomatic expressions and different manners of speaking but also singing.


Also the students appreciated a lot:

Veronika, Chantal

We liked the presentation because it was funny and interessting at the same time. The actors and actresses played and sang very well too. They spoke very clearly and slowly.

Aysenur, Anna, Sonja, Naomi, Thomas

We liked it, because it was funny and the actors and actresses had beautiful voices.The play was very cool and the way the comedians played and sang was just great.


Sophie, Seb.

The story was ok, but could be better. The stage was very bad decorated. Their English was very good, the song very well and the guitar playing was just awesome.

Sarina, Tina

We liked the character of Harriet. She is very funny and nice. The actors were hot. We liked the story and the music. All together the play was very cool and funny.

Nothing left to say...

Thanks also to the involved teachers: Mrs. Dietrich, Mr. Wald, Mr. Wackerle, Mr. Wagner